Caption It! #1 WINNER!


It’s time to see the winner of my first caption it! I know, I took way too long… Oops. I guess I got busy… But next time I’ll try to post it sooner. 🙂

Enough talk… XD

*Puts on game show voice*

And Now!

What you’ve all been waiting for!

The Winner Is…



Clara: Oh, come on, Julie! It’ll be fun! Hurry up!
Grace: Whoa, Clara! Stop yanking my arm! I’m the leader, remember?
Julie: Okay, fine. Where are we going again?
Clara: Crazy!
Grace: Wait, what?
Clara: We’re going crazy! Get it?
Julie: Augh.


Congratulations, Light4theLord!

And thank you to everyone who submitted a caption and/or voted!


Are you looking forward to Caption It #2?

Signing out,



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