Think To Ink Writing Camp #5


I hope you aren’t tired of seeing TIWC entries… BUT… I am planning a craft! 😀 Hint: it’s fall inspired!

I used all three prompts. Linky, Linky, Link. And I included a pen! The prompted parts are in this color. Go Team Pen!! 

This is another continuation, so here are some complimentary refreshments: Part one, two, three, four (Wow! That’s a lot!)

Here it is! I had fun writing this one… Enjoy… XD

Janice yawned and sat up in bed, stretching her arms out wide so they could reach the cave walls on either side of her. She smiled. These last few days had been lovely. She was able to recover her strength at the Spera’s home, where she could sleep and eat plenty, unlike at the orphanage. During her stay, the Spera informed Janice of the plans he made for her journey to find her parents and save the orphanage.

The plan was as follows: walk east until she reached the lake; take the boat ride across—the Spera kindly provided the funds; ask for directions and go to Jacksonville—her hometown; and locate her parents when she reached it. Once she found her parents, they would have to help her from there. Janice could only pray that they would help her—assuming that they were actually still living in Jacksonville.

So after a hearty breakfast, Janice bid the Spera farewell, with many thanks, and was off, following the sun that was resting just on the horizon in the east. It wasn’t long before she reached the lake, sparkling in the morning sun that was now floating a little farther up in the sky. She sat down in the grasses by the lakeside, watching for any signs of a boat. Sure enough, a speck soon appeared on the horizon and slowly grew larger as it came closer.

It won’t be long now Janice thought to herself, smiling. She cherished the thought of seeing her parents again. What a happy reunion it would be! And to think of saving her friends from the orphanage! She jumped up from the ground in excitement, nearly convincing herself that she should swim to the boat to save time. Janice quickly renounced that idea when she felt the icy cold water on her bare feet, and remembered that she hadn’t swam in years.

In her great burst of enthusiasm, Janice hadn’t noticed the curly-haired brunette girl walking up to her.

Janice did a little hop out of surprise at the sight of her, secretly wondering if she had looked silly, prancing around the shore like that. She looked at the ground, twiddling the grass with her toes, trying to act like she neither had seen the girl, nor had been practically dancing around earlier.

“Hello, Janice,” the girl said boldly.

Janice didn’t pretend to not notice the girl anymore. She looked up, alarm piercing through her eyes.

“H-how do you know my name,” Janice sputtered untrustingly.

“Oh,” the girl replied, idly twiddling a pen she had pulled out of her pocket, “well I suppose it is kind of rude to not introduce myself, seeing as I know who you are. I’m Rose, and I’m here to take you back to the orphanage.”

Janice was shocked. “But-but why? You can’t! I’ve gotten so far! Who really are you? One of the headmistress’s secret agents?” Janice was trembling violently.

“No, I’m not a secret agent,” she chuckled. “I’m an orphan too. Just like you are.”

“You are not!” Janice cried. “If you were like me, you wouldn’t be bringing me back to that horrible place!”

Rose sighed. Was that a small glint of sadness in her eye? “Some say I’m a traitor. Maybe I am. All I know is I did what I had to do to be treated well by the headmistress, and have any hope of happiness. Which at the moment, requires that you come back with me.”

Janice bit her lip and let the tears flow, as Rose tightly gripped her arm and led her back the way to the orphanage. In her mind, the plan Janice had thought was her reality became a distant dream, and the orphanage she had thought was her past became her reality—an unbeatable, inescapable reality.

*insert evil laugh* Ahem. XD What do you think? Are you looking forward to the next part?

Post for you soon!


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