Caption It! #1 – VOTING


Thank you to everyone who submitted a caption for my Caption It #1! Today You get to vote for your favorite caption! I will show you the picture and my 3 favorite captions, and you can cast your vote in the poll!

NOTE: ALL the captions were great! So even if I didn’t pick yours, I still really liked it! 🙂

May the best caption win! 😉 😉


Grace’s caption:

Grace & Clara: “We’re SINGGGGING in the rain! Just SINGGGGING in the rain!”
Julie: “What on earth?!?!”
Clara: “Come on, Julie! We’re SINGGGGING in the rain!”


Light4theLord’s caption:

Clara: Oh, come on, Julie! It’ll be fun! Hurry up!
Grace: Whoa, Clara! Stop yanking my arm! I’m the leader, remember?
Julie: Okay, fine. Where are we going again?
Clara: Crazy!
Grace: Wait, what?
Clara: We’re going crazy! Get it?
Julie: Augh.


Allie Taylor’s caption:

“Ring around the roses! A Pocket pocket full of posies! Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down!”


And again, I Loved all the captions, I just decided to narrow it down to these ones.

Cast your vote below!




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