The Hair-Do Without a Name…

I have a hairstyle tutorial for you all today! The only problem is, I can’t seem to figure out a name for it… any suggestions are much appreciated!


Let’s start!


First take large front sections of your doll’s hair and tie them back (like a loose half-up ponytail, but with about half of the doll’s hair)


Tie a bow with some ribbon around that section.


Now take the section that is not tied, and split it in half. Divide the sections and wrap them around to the front, and tie off. Add another bow.


Now repeat all the way down! At the last one, wrap your elastic once around the front section (that you just pulled to the front), and again around the whole thing. Tie the bow around the whole thing.

And you’re done!



I hope you like this cute style! It could also be done with out bows, If you want. Any suggestions for a name for it? Perhaps it could be called a wrap braid… or something XD .

Also, be sure to submit a caption for my caption it, here! I will be posting my favorite captions on Wednesday, so you can vote for your favorite (or if no one else captions then Grace will be the winner, since she’s the only caption-er so far… 😛 )

Also #2, I made a new button! So if we’ve swapped buttons already, I’d appreciate if you changed it on your page! You can find my button on my “Buttons!” page.

Also #3, I made a sign off!


What do you think? I designed it with Picmonkey. I was trying to go for the look of an old postcard or something 🙂 .

Bye for now!

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