Think To Ink Writing Camp 2

Today I have my second entry for TIWC. GO TEAM PEN! WHOOP WHOOP!

This one turned out a lot longer that the last one. It is a continuation, so you can read part one here.

I included all three prompts. Link, link, link. The prompted parts are a dark reddish color.

Sit back, relax, and Enjoy!!

It was the second day of traveling. Her dress was frayed and torn and her brown hair was wind-blown and frizzy. Janice had started her journey at a run, but adrenaline soon wore off and she now had to use all her energy just to keep up a steady walk.

A long, low growl came from her stomach. She scowled at the noise, for it reminded her of the pangs of hunger that she had been trying to ignore. “It would be helpful for my journey,” she said to herself through gritted teeth, “if I could find some food and water somewhere!”

In front of her, towards the west, the sun shone bright and hot. She wished for even a small drop of water to cool her parched tongue. A sharp wind whipped up from behind her, pushing several wispy locks of hair into her face. Scraping the hair back, she turned to look behind her, basking in the cool wind. That small pleasure did not last long. When she looked up, she saw huge, dark, luminous clouds rolling in—even now almost upon her. Water didn’t sound quite so good anymore. Water sounded like being cold and drenched to the bone. Water sounded like becoming sick and shaking with fever from the wet, unable to continue, nor to go back.

I must find cover, she thought to herself. She broke off in a run, adrenaline pulsing through her weak body.

Janice felt a few stray drops on her shoulders. Her brow furrowed. Where in the world could she find shelter? Soon she spotted a dark blotch on a hill, not too far off. A cave! She decided, unwilling to consider if this shadowy spot could possibly not be a cave. To her relief, it was! She bolted into the dark cavern, overjoyed to be free from the raindrops that were now coming down heavier, heavier, heavier, until the sky was black with clouds, angrily pouring their torrents onto the unsuspecting earth.

Sighing, Janice stood up. The cave was bigger than she had expected it to be. She took a few steps further into the pitch black cave, waving her arms around. She spun around a few times, swinging her arms wide. Her arms didn’t touch any walls. This really was a large cave! She dizzily relocated the opening in the cave by the soft orange glow coming from it. Or was it the opening? She turned around, 180 degrees. No, the opening was there, she realized, for she could make out the dim light from the mouth of the cave, and could feel a small spattering of raindrops that had dared to wander in. So if that was the opening, where could that light be coming from?

Peering out at the harsh storm, she decided that it could be a while until it let out, and allowing curiosity to get the best of her, she spun on her heel and trekked towards the orange light.

After bumping into a few black walls, she made it to the source of the light. Her eyes bulged. What is this place? She wondered, feeling fearful and excited at the same time. Janice had entered an eerie, hallway-like structure, completely made of stone. The ceiling was arched and the walls were cold, with little platforms running across its length, each holding a lighted candle. She walked slowly through the passageway, her knees shaking and clunking harshly against each other.

“Who are you?”

Janice shrieked and jumped back from the voice, though it was calm and smooth. She looked right and left, but could see no one.

“Well you act like mouse, but you certainly don’t look like one. Do you have a speaking voice, child? Who are you?” The cool voice asked again.

“I-I’m Janice,” she said (In a voice that did, indeed, sound like a mouse).

The voice chuckled, “I don’t care what your name is, Janice. What is your kind—your species?”

Janice was taken aback from the question. “Hu-human?” she sputtered.

“So that’s what you are,” the voice whispered in awe.

Janice was awfully frightened, “Who I am?” she asked incredulously. “Who are you!?” She froze as she heard the thing scrambling down from above her. What have I gotten myself into? She wondered, squeezing her eyes shut. Janice braced for the worst as she listened to the creature slowly scuffle down to her level.

What’d you think? Do you want to see me continue this story? If I were to make this story into a book or something, I was thinking that I’d probably make a chapter before this one about the orphanage… Or maybe I can have flashback chapters… hmmmm.

Bye for now!

~Gracie 😉

P.S. Perhaps I should make a sign off. What do you think?

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