Dreaming of Fall – Photoshoot with Grace

Hey everybody!

So in my last post I mentioned that I needed to get a photoshoot of Grace. Here it is! I’m looking forward to cooler weather, and so I dressed Grace up in a more fall-like outfit on a rainy, slightly cooler, yet very humid day.







“There are a some fallen leaves…” 😉



Those last two are my favorites 🙂

Are you looking forward to Autumn? Which picture(s) are your favorite? 


Have a nice day!


P.S. I noticed from my archives that each month has 11 or 12 posts. I’m trying to beat that this month, so my goal is to post every other day this month… we’ll see if I can make it!

17 thoughts on “Dreaming of Fall – Photoshoot with Grace

  1. Grace’s hair is amazing! And her outfit is adorable. 😄 Those are some beautiful pictures – I love them all, especially the third and fourth ones. The poses you put Grace in are so cute!
    Beating last month’s posting record is such a neat idea! And posting every other day is a really good schedule – that’s how I post, except for Sunday’s. So actually it’s just thrice a week. 😛 🙂
    Once again, beautiful photoshoot! And I have to say it one more time, I love Grace’s hair. 😄

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    1. Thank you so much, Madi!! I really like her hair too ☺ 🙂
      Thanks, yeah, I thought it would be neat, and so far I’ve managed to keep up with it. It helps me to make posts ahead of time 🙂
      Thanks again!! XD
      ~Gracie 😉

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