Doll-sized fun finds at Goodwill #2 + BIBPC

Hi everyone! Today I present a second Goodwill Finds post! Perhaps this will be an every so often series (The first one is here). It’s been a while, but I finally got out to Goodwill and found a few cute things for my dolls!



First off we have this pretty little plate! You might remember seeing a picture of it for my BIBPC entry a post or two ago. I thought it was really pretty. Maybe I can use it for a serving platter or something, since I only have one.


Next up is this vase! I have a vase-type-of-thing for my dolls that holds some faux flowers in it, but it likes to fall over, and is really just a container some beads had come in, so I think this will work much better!


And lastly, is this cute pink stapler! When I found it, it looked kinda dirty, so I wasn’t too sure, but I wanted one of these for my dolls, so I brought it home and cleaned it up! I don’t have any staples in it right now, so I can just pretend to staple things 😉 .


That’s all for now! I still have yet to find an American Girl doll there. . . HA! A girl can wish, though, am I right?

How do you like seeing Goodwill fun finds posts? Do you want me to continue this series?

Which item was your favorite?


And here’s my BIBPC entry.



Old? Hmmm[mmmmmmmm]. Old books are neat. Hey! There are some really neat ones at the used book store! Let’s go there! So that is what I did.

And “Book” starts with “B.” Yay!



~Gracie 😉

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