Review of American Girl Hooded Denim Jacket

Remember when I got the Denim Hooded Jacket from the American Girl store in Colorado? Weeell, here’s a review of this super cute piece, with lovely Grace as our model!


The jacket came in a plastic bag on a hanger. The hanger is very nice to get with this, although I like the American Girl boxes that things normally come in. But there are a lot of mix and match pieces, so the bag makes them easier to distinguish.

The Jacket has a dark denim core, and a grey fabric for the arms and hood. The Grey fabric doesn’t seem super soft, but it’s alright and thankfully the jacket seems to be well made 🙂


It has super cute little silver buttons with star imprints. The pockets are fake, but a very nice touch.


Above you can see the little graphic on the top corner of the denim. I personally don’t care for it. It’s a kinda cute design, I guess, but seems quite unnecessary. It’s small though, so it doesn’t bother me too much.


Here is the jacket buttoned with the hood on. I think that’s about as far as the hood will go. The buttons work, and don’t seem too hard to button for me. I had some trouble getting a button undone at the store, however, due to a stray thread in the button hole. My jacket seemed ok though. 🙂 I think this jacket would look better if it was buttoned up with a different shirt… oops, hehe 🙂


It’s also very versatile! A nice go-to jacket for your dolls.


And just thought I’d show you the back 🙂


Overall, I really like this jacket, and am happy with my purchase! I would recommend if you want a trendy, casual jacket for your dolls that seems to go with just about anything!

Have you gotten anything from American Girl’s mix and match clothing releases? What do you think of them?

Until next time!

~Gracie 😉

3 thoughts on “Review of American Girl Hooded Denim Jacket

    1. Thank you! Oh, neat! Yeah, I like that American Girl made a bunch of mix and match items, they’re fun! Thanks! Grace is flattered 😉
      P.S. Sorry it took me Forever to approve your comment. Somehow it made its way to my spam queue, so I only saw it tonight! o_O Weird.

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