Lakeside Photoshoot with Caroline and Her New Altered Skirt + BIBPC

[Ok, maybe it’s not really a lake, but oh well, it’s water and it’s pretty. 😛 ]

That was a long title.

Remember that baby skirt from this post that I planned to alter to fit my dolls? Well, today I present to you… The altered skirt! Um, yeah, wasn’t that grand…

Anyways, so I had done Caroline’s hair all pretty, and I decided that she needed a photoshoot! So thus I decided I needed to alter the skirt for her to wear and here is the result along with a photoshoot of pretty Caroline!


Isn’t her hair so pretty? I (finger) curled a whole bunch of small pieces instead of several sections.



Hope you enjoyed! Which pictures are your favorite?


And onto my next BIBPC entry…


Story: The Category is “It was Worth it.” When I saw the category, I was basically thinking, “snap, what in the world am I going to do?” but I ended up thinking of my Bible, representing my faith in Jesus. Being a Christian is infinity percent worth it, no matter what people say or do about it! The end is eternity in heaven with Jesus, who saved me from my sins! Hallelujah!

Oh, and I realized that Bible (and even book) starts with “b” for extra points! Yay!


~Gracie 😉

23 thoughts on “Lakeside Photoshoot with Caroline and Her New Altered Skirt + BIBPC

  1. Oh my goodness! Caroline’s hair looks GORGEOUS! That technique you did is beautiful. And the skirt looks so pretty on her! My favorite pictures were the ones you took behind her as she’s walking down the bridge. I love that angle! And that picture for BIBPC is AWESOME. Being a Christian is without a doubt completely worth it. 😀

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  2. I love your BIBPC photo! The trials of this world is definitely worth it for an exchange of an eternity with Jesus.

    Oh.My.Poodles. Caroline’s hair is so pretty! How did you finger curl her hair? My sister and I are going to be purchasing AG dolls using our allowance but, we are afraid of them losing their curls.

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    1. Thank you, Grace, they sure are!
      Haha, thanks! To finger curl her hair I brush it out with my american girl hair pick and either kinda twirl a section around my finger all the way down, or simply twist the section all the way and let it go. There is a good video from American Girl here…
      (it’s the one entitled “how to care for dolls hair”)
      How fun! What doll(s) are you considering?
      P.S. I didn’t “recognize” you at first from the new pic until I clicked your name! lol. I like the pic, tho 🙂


      1. Thanks for letting me know that! I will definitely need to check out that video.
        My sister wants to get Julie and I am contemplating on getting either Lea or a Truly Me doll. I want to be able to touch and feel the dolls just to be sure I absolutely love the one I purchase.
        Yeah, putting up a new profile picture can tend to create so confusion. 😉 I’m you like it, thanks! ❤️💗

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