The Dog-napper Part 3 – The Finale + BIBPC

In case you need a refresher: Part 1 and Part 2


Grace launched herself off and away from the bed (and the others followed suit). They stared at the growing bulge behind the covers with wide eyes.



A nose popped out. But not just any nose, a little black nose.


Then followed two black beady eyes on a white face.



The dog walked casually out from under the bed and stretched, slowly awaking from her nap. The rumbling they had heard earlier was Kaity snoring!

The girls were shocked.


“Well,” Grace said, sighing and shaking her head, “You were right, Clara. We really did have a Dog napping.”

They all laughed.


“Huh? Wha- What did I miss?” Caroline asked sleepily, having been woken up by all the commotion.

The girls looked at each other, grinning. “Nothing really,” Julie said, “No, nothing of importance. Only a dog napping. That’s about it.” Kaity wagged her tail as Julie, Grace, and Clara all smiled at each other.

Caroline scratched her head, “Well, Ok… I thought for sure -” She shrugged and smiled, “I must have been dreaming.”


LOL. I had fun thinking that story up! 😛

How’d you like it??

Also I’m gonna tack on my entry for BIBPC.

The theme is drops:


The Story:

SO, when I got the prompt, I figured I’d go outside with a spray bottle and mist a bunch of plants or something, BUT yesterday my mom and I were at Walmart looking at their produce, and I saw the misters go off where the cabbage and stuff was. I had and idea! I grabbed my mom’s phone (I had left mine in the car) and snapped some shots of the freshly misted greens. After looking through the pictures, I settled on this one.



Post for you later!



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