The Dog-napper – Part two

Part one here


Grace stared hopelessly out the window. It was only 8:00 AM (they had worked fast), but it felt like it had been hours and hours since Kaity was found to be missing. A big tear rolled slowly down her cheek. Her phone buzzed – someone found Kaity!? She tapped on the message – a phone company update. She sighed as worry clouded her mind.


Grace walked over to Julie and Caroline’s room. Caroline was sleeping soundly on the other end of the room. Grace flopped down beside Julie, leaned against her, and poured out her concerns – for the third time that morning.


“Don’t worry, Grace.” Julie said quietly (so not to wake Caroline), “It’s only been a little while, and Kaity couldn’t have gotten far. Someone ought to spot her.” She paused and smiled, “Besides, Kaity has so many spots, how could they not!”

Grace chuckled to herself, giving Julie a little smile. Shortly, Clara walked into the bedroom.


“I still think she’s been dog-napped!” Clara said matter-of-factly, she had been rambling on about dog-nappers all morning, trying to convince them.

“Oh Clara!” Julie said. Suddenly they heard a rumbling sound pulsing below them. Their eyes widened as they looked at each other.

“The dog-napper is coming back to rob us again!” Clara breathed.

“It sounds like they’re breaking in downstairs!” Grace spoke, quietly.

The grumbling noise grew louder.


“Girls,” Julie said, her eyes still wide, “There is probably a reasonable source of this sound, not some dog-napper.” But she had walked to the door and locked it. “Just to be safe,” She said, shrugging. Grace could tell she looked concerned.

Grace sat stiff as a stone on the bed. The Dog-napper made a sharp, louder grumbling sound. Grace felt something push against her legs.


She screamed.


o_O 😯

Next part coming soon!

~Gracie 😉

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