How to Make a Doll Sized Watering Can

Good morning!

Today I will show you how to make a watering can for your dolls. This is a great craft for recycling and using simple things to make something cute. Here’s how mine turned out:



  • a paper towel roll cardboard tube
  • scissors
  • glue (preferably hot glue)
  • acrylic paint
  • Optional: modge podge



Cut a two inch tube from your paper towel roll. This is the main can section.

Then cut the following things:


A strip for the handle (I curled the edge to make it prettier)


A shape that fits over a little more than halfway across the top of your can. Trace it so that the shape fit at the front top of your can. the picture shows how I traced the piece.

CAM00901(I had already started gluing in this pic. I’ll talk about that later)


A rectangle ish shape with a bottom slightly curved outwards, and rounded edges at the top. Taper the sides slightly towards the top (the pic is from before I tapered it). The sides of this shape curve in to make the spout. The bottom connects to the can.

CAM00908 (like I said, I had already started gluing)

A shape that fits the bottom of the can, for, well, the bottom of the can. 😛

Now glue the handle onto the back side of your can, the top onto the front half of the top of your can, and the base of the can to the bottom. Curve the spout around a pencil or your finger and glue onto the front side of your can. (did that all make sense? 🙂 ) Hold each piece in place until it has dried! Sometimes the gluing can be tricky because the pieces like to shift around, so be careful to hold them steady 🙂 .

Your can should look something like this:


Now you can paint it! I mixed up a lavender-y color for my can, but you can do whatever you like! I think that silver would look nice as well. Once your color has dried you can paint on a design or another coat if you like. I just left mine a solid lavender with no design. I chose to seal it with modge podge to keep the paint from rubbing off on anything.


And it’s finished!


Prince Nibbles the 1st seems to like it 😉

I hope you enjoy this craft! Do you enjoy gardening? I do, but tend to have a hard time keeping at it… 🙂

Until next time,

~Gracie 😉

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