How to do a Fancy Twist Bun

Hola Amigos! Como estas?

Today I have a hairstyle tutorial for you and your dolls! I made it up and did it on Julie for The Thomas Family Pets Part 4.

Here i’tis!

Before you start, brush out your doll’s hair.


Now tie her hair into a high ponytail, leaving some pieces in the front on each side.


Divide her hair into four sections and take one of those sections. leave the rest.


Now twist that section around the ponytail (like you would for a normal twist bun. bobby pin or clip securely in place.


Now repeat for the the other three sections.

Now  you should have a pretty twisty bun. You can fiddle with it a little to adjust it how you like. But we’re not done yet!


Take one of the pieces of hair you left down and braid it all the way. Secure it with a pin or something, you can take the pin out later to secure it differently. You’ll see. Repeat for the other side.


Now wrap one braid under and then around your bun. Secure with a pin where the braid ends. Repeat with the other braid.

And your done!


I hope you will enjoy doing this style on your dolls! If you want a simpler version of this hairstyle then you can pull all the hair back instead of leaving some down for the braids.

Post for you later!

~Gracie 😉

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