My Current Events – Moving!

This is Grace (not Gracie) speaking! I’m so excited to be presenting a post to you for my first time!

Guess what’s going on? The Thomas family is on the move! (And so is my mom’s [Gracie’s] family!) Yep, we are moving! We aren’t going far, though, so that’s good!

Yesterday we got out a bunch of clothes and started packing them into suitcases and things.

It was fun (for me)! I love organizing, although Clara would have rather played with her American Girl doll (our dolls are packed 😦 )

So… now it’s time for a flashback into yesterday…


We were having a good time, Caroline folded clothes, Julie and I packed them neatly, and Clara-




First we were upset, then we giggled, and then we got back to work.




Lookin’ good! It sure felt good to have all those clothes packed!


Silly Kaity! I guess she liked packing too!


It was a nice family time. Who knew moving could bring you together? We are all looking forward to our future bedrooms… and hoping they’ll be larger than our current ones 😛 …

Clara: Oh, and Mom bought this really cute teal polka dot sticky paper for wall paper, but she says that Grace and I have too many posters, so she’ll have to put it in Caroline and Julie’s room. 😦

Oh Clara, our walls will be just fine, and who knows, maybe she will get us some wallpaper…?

Gracie: *sigh* We’ll see. 😉

So anyways, wallpaper or not, I’m looking forward to moving! Oh and later on this happened 😛 …


“Guys!! There are more clothes in here! Clara, you didn’t bring these in!”

“Oh, whoops… sorry, I forgot…”

“Time to find another box.”


Hey everyone, It’s Gracie again! Like Grace showed you, we are moving! I’m looking forward to the new house 🙂 . In  case you were wondering I’m NOT taking a blog break, and still plan on posting, I just thought it be fun to do a post about this big event in our lives 🙂 .

Also, You probably won’t be seeing Clifford (our cat) for a while. Our rental doesn’t allow cats, so someone else is taking care of him for us. Last night I helped take him to their place… it was quite the experience, (our cat is old and hated moving 😦 , poor thing) but he should be fine, and knows the person taking care of him.

Well, I think that’s it for this post!


~Gracie 😉

And Grace!

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