Retro Photoshoot with Clara + Clara and the Cat + mini review

Hi everyone!

Recently, I received the Our Generation (brand of 18″ dolls and accessories) Retro Knit Doll Dress from my brother. It’s a really cute and versatile set, and I thought it looked adorable on Clara, so I got a photoshoot of her in the outfit, and thought I’d give you a little review along the way!



So here it is! The separate pieces are…

  • Pink headband
  • Main dress
  • Orange belt
  • Pink leggings
  • Black flats with bows on top


This set comes with a lot of pieces and so I am looking forward to mixing and matching them to make other outfits! (The belt looks great with Julie’s [old] meet pheasant top. She didn’t want to take it off!)


Feeling dizzy?

CAM00727(sorry this one’s a bit fuzzy)




Kitty time! (Again, I apologize for the fuzziness 🙂 )



So there you go! Hope you enjoyed the photoshoot and review!


ALSO, over at Kait’s AG Crafts, Kaitlynrh1 is hosting a doll camp! You should go check it out, and I believe that there are still more openings to join (sign up to make craft tutorials for a week of camp). I especially like the miniature fairy garden craft and have been working on one of my own.


Post for you later! 🙂

~Gracie 😉

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