Review of My Life As swimsuit and headphones

Hi again!

I have a review for you all! The other day my mom and I were at Walmart and we checked out the section with My Life As 18 inch dolls and accessories. I was surprised at the number of swimsuits they had! They had at least five varieties of swimsuits…and, strangely enough, they had a winter coat outfit… 😯 😀 . I also had been interested in the My Life As headphones; I just think they are really cute. Sooo I picked out the red polka dot swimsuit and a pair of white headphones. The headphones were $2.44 and the swimsuit was $9.97.

Here they are in their packaging:


And out of it:


I wasn’t too hard to open; it had a lot of those little plastic things (that you might see holding tags to clothing often times).

The red polka dot swimsuit set comes with:

  • a two piece swimsuit
  • matching flip flops
  • red sunglasses
  • a sheer pink cover up
  • a unique purple hanger (part of the packaging, but could be useful)

And the headphones come with headphones 😉

Here’s some up close shots:



Sorry this one is kind of blurry, but I wanted to not the little hole at the bottom of the left headphone speaker. I’ll show you how I used it later in the post


A cute butterfly


It has all these numbers and letters on one of the sides, and it’s kind of hard to see, but mine has a small stain below them. It’s not a big problem though.

Now for the swimsuit! The material of the swimsuit actually feels like, well, a swimsuit ;), so that’s nice.


Is it just me or do those swimsuit bottoms look like they could be part of a superman outfit??? 😀


From behind. The swimsuit has velcro on the back. The velcro stops at the top of the ruffles.


The cover up.


The sunglasses have a blue tint on the lens. I sometimes don’t like doll sunglasses, but I think these are really cute . The sandals are pretty hard plastic. They are actually pretty heavy for their size, as well.


Now to try it on a doll! Grace was excited to be my model.

I’ll start with the headphones.


They fit really well! They bend over her head and fit nicely over her ears. I took a bread tie/twisty paper and wire thing (you know what I’m talking about, right?) and cut it in half. I tied knots at both ends of a length of string, and twisted the ties tightly to each end. I stuck one of the twisted ties in a doll-sized iPhone made of corrugated cardboard and the other end in the hole in the headphones that I showed you earlier.


What are you listening to, Grace? Caroline kindly let Grace borrow her iPhone for this photoshoot.

Now for the swim suit set


The top was a tight fit, and I could hardly close the velcro completely, but it looks really cute.


The sandals are cute too, and fit pretty well, but I recommend that you keep track of them while your doll is wearing them, they tried to slip away a couple of times!


swimsuit front


and back


Off to the beach!

Overall, these sets are really cute! I am very happy with my purchase and would buy again from the My Life As brand. The cheap price is a big plus as well! If you are considering buying these items, I would recommend them!

Signing out!

~Gracie 😉


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