The Thomas Family Pets – Part 2

If you haven’t read part one, you can find it here

Soon after Grace and Clara were back on good terms, Julie and Caroline left to go on the hike they were planning.


“It’s a beautiful day for a hike!” Julie exclaimed cheerfully. Caroline smiled and nodded in agreement. They hiked on, listening to the beautiful sound of the birds chirping and observing God’s wondrous creation around them.



“So,” Caroline broke the silence, “What do you want to accomplish on this hike?”

“What?” Julie said, confused, “I dunno, get exercise?”

“No, not that! I mean, like, for instance, I want to find something interesting, and perhaps bring it back as a gift for Grace and Clara.”

“What kind of thing are you looking for?”

“Well, that part I don’t know yet.” Julie smiled and chuckled to herself. Caroline was quiet, but she sure had some creative-and sometimes confusing-thoughts in her head. Julie loved to hear what Caroline had to say, it often was very insightful or creative, sometimes almost genius. Julie and Caroline were very close.


“Hey, Julie, what do you say we stop for a break soon. I’m exhausted!” Caroline said.

“Sure! I’m getting tired as well. How about over there by those bushes, it’s nice and shady there!”


“This is perfect!”


They sat down and Caroline daydreamed while Julie idly weaved a pine needle through her fingers.


As they were relaxing in the shade, they began to hear a small squeaking noise.

“What is that?” Julie asked, to no one in particular.


“It sounds like it’s coming from through the bushes!” Caroline replied, jumping up to investigate.


Soon Julie was also up, and they began pushing their way through the bushes.

“What is it? Do you see anything?” They kept asking each other.


“It looks like a rabbit!” Caroline said excitedly. They scrambled out of the bushes and walked slowly towards the creature, trying not to frighten it.


As Julie neared the animal, she giggled, “That’s not a rabbit, Caroline, it’s a guinea pig wearing rabbit ears!” They both looked at the pitiful guinea pig, it looked quite skinny and afraid. No owners were in sight, it seemed to have been abandoned there.


“Well,” Julie said, picking up the guinea pig in it’s box, “I guess we should take it to the vet.”

“And keep it?” Caroline asked, her eyes sparkling.

“If no owners are found, then I guess so.” They smiled and admired the little guy as they walked off to the vet.


How’d you like it? More parts coming, so stay tuned!

Bye for now,

~Gracie 😉

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